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About us

Miss Poppy is a story of two girls who seek ways to get out of their mundane life and travelling seems to be the solution of all their problem. Miss Poppy is a collection of all the things that we love and admire, we know you will like it too. Our products are sourced from across the world. Our bamboo products are ethically sourced from Vietnam, Indonesia and Bali. Our chic range of Nordic products are collected from across Europe and they are our absolute favourite. Similarly, all our food products are locally made and are absolutely delicious! Every sauce jar that you buy is made of a lot of love and patience but we want to feed you only the best stuff. Lastly, our crystal are sourced and delivered with intentions, our aim to bring happiness and prosperity in your life. Our aim is to create a lifestyle for you that makes ‘YOU’ happy and content, we want to deliver products that delivers joy to you.


Miss Poppy is bringing you best of the world and we only aim to grow along with you so here’s to you and to us! Shine on baby girl, we got this.


Spread the vibe and join the tribe ❤️